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Dental Diode Lasers - FAQ

At Tollgate Orthodontics, we are proud to offer our patients in Jamestown and Warwick the best service using state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Daniel Eves and his team are here to answer any questions you may have about our Dental Diode Lasers (DDL). Here are some frequently asked questions by our patients about our laser system.

How does the dental diode laser work?

The diode laser emits concentrated energy through a light beam, which vaporizes the matter. The laser delivers a narrow pulsed beam and each pulse vaporizes only a certain amount of cell layers within the circumference of the beam, which gives the operator complete control over the laser.

What is the difference between the dental laser & conventional treatment?

The dental laser is unique because it can be used as a surgical instrument without the post-surgical side effects. The laser stops bleeding and seals lymphatic and nerve endings, thereby avoiding the inflammation and the usual discomfort associated with inflammation.

Is it a form of surgery?

Yes. As a surgical instrument, the laser makes extremely accurate incisions that cause patients little to no discomfort during and after the procedure. The elimination of bleeding during the surgery gives the orthodontist a clear view of the operating field and reduces the risk of infection. This process greatly enhances healing and speeds up the recovery time for the patient.

Do you need anesthesia?

Anesthesia is not required or necessary in some laser procedures, but in others only a topical anesthetic is required. In rare cases when a topical anesthetic isn’t adequate, a local anesthetic may be necessary.

Is it painful?

The dental diode laser is essentially painless, faster and more efficient, safer, bloodless, and most importantly less invasive. The majority of patients report no pain but there are a few that report mild discomfort.

Can the laser be used for cosmetic reasons?

Yes. The diode laser can be used to reshape the architecture of the gums. For example, the laser is used to remove portions of gum tissue that are covering up healthy tooth structure. This enhances your smile by reducing the amount of gum tissue that shows when a person smiles. The laser is also used to create symmetry by balancing gum tissue that are virtually crooked or not level with your smile.

Can it be used for normal dental hygiene?

Absolutely. The laser has the ability to kill bacteria in periodontal pockets and rid the pockets of sick and infected tissue. This can be used as prevention against periodontal disease as well as a simple and fast prophylactic course of action. The laser can also play an important role in removing tooth decay and cavities from the teeth.

Is the laser safe?

Absolutely, in every way, when used with good clinical judgment.

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