5 Things To Ask About Insurance Before You Buy

5 Things to Ask the Insurance Company Before You Buy Orthodontic Coverage
Posted on 11/30/2022
This is the image for the news article titled 5 Things to Ask the Insurance Company Before You Buy Orthodontic CoverageSearching for the best dental insurance plans for individuals? For better or worse, not all dental insurance plans are created equal. If you are shopping for a plan or considering a switch to a new one in order to get braces or aligners, there are some important questions you should ask before you commit:

  1. Does the plan have orthodontic coverage and what is the benefit amount? Not all plans cover braces and aligners. The policy must specifically have orthodontic benefits listed.
  2. Does my orthodontic benefit change if the provider is out of network? Some plans may reduce your benefit if the orthodontist you choose is not in their network. If you are paying for the plan, you should be able to go to any orthodontist you choose. Look for a plan where the benefit is the same in or out of network.
  3. Is there a waiting period for orthodontic coverage? In an effort to dissuade you from picking up a premium plan with orthodontic coverage and then dropping it as soon as your ortho treatment is complete, some companies have a waiting period for treatment.
  4. Is there an age limit? Some plans cover only to age 19 for braces and aligners whereas others may have no age limit at all.
  5. How does the plan pay out my benefit to the orthodontist? Does it pay out over the course of the treatment plan, or does it pay just a set amount per month up to a certain number of months? This is important because if the insurance company only pays a set amount per month (usually over the course of 24 months), you may not get your full benefit if your treatment takes less than 24 months. You should not have to stay in treatment longer than needed in order to get your benefit. Look for a plan that pays out over the course of your treatment time.
We are happy to help you should you have any questions about orthodontic dental coverage. We wish you all the best in selecting a plan that works for you. Call the best orthodontist in RI, Tollgate Orthodontics, at 401-739-3900 if we can help!