How To Care For Your Braces

Proper Brushing Technique With Braces

Whether you're a kid or an adult, the last thing that you want when your orthodontist finally takes your braces off is to see a perfectly straight smile that's riddled with tooth decay. That's why maintaining a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine is a crucial part of your orthodontic treatment, since it makes sure that your new smile is a healthy smile. To make sure that you don't have to make a trip to the dentist when you've finished with your braces, Dr. Eves and our team put together this guide on the proper way to brush your teeth when you're in braces.

Getting The Right Toothbrush

At the core of your oral hygiene routine is the tool that pick for the job. Since our goal is to clear away all the food particles and bacteria that are building up in the tiny crevices in your braces and in between your teeth, you want a brush that has bristles designed to fit in those tight paces. We recommend getting a soft, micro bristle toothbrush, since you can't get smaller than micro bristles. Not only is this brush gentle on your gums, its tiny bristles can get in the smallest spaces in your braces to clear away all of that gunk and leave your mouth perfectly clean.

Can I Use An Electric Toothbrush With My Braces?

Yes! The benefits of using an electric toothbrush are two-fold. First, an electric toothbrush generally does a thorough but gentle cleaning of you teeth. In addition, the electric toothbrushes generally have a timer built in and shut off automatically at after two minutes. For many people, this helps us brush for the longer recommended period than if we were to use a manual toothbrush. It keeps us honest! As with any toothbrush, you want to be careful not to knock off a bracket. Since we definitely don't want you to have an extra appointment with Dr. Eves just to get your braces fixed, it best to be gentle.

Proper Brushing Technique With Braces

We can go on and on about what the perfect brushing technique is, but we'll just keep it simple. First, tilt your brush at a 45 degree angle so the bristles are pointed at your gums, and then start moving the brush around in small circles, brushing your braces, teeth, and the gum line. The next and only other step is to use that technique as you bring your brush across all of your teeth both front and back. If you skip areas of your mouth, the only person you'd be hurting is yourself, since you'll be leaving behind harmful bacteria that will eat away at your smile. Make sure you take the time to brush thoroughly. If it helps, the recommended time for brushing your teeth is about 2 minutes.

Finish With Floss & Mouthwash

We know that we said we were going to be focusing on brushing, but the fact of the matter is that brushing just isn't enough to keep your smile clean and free from the bacteria that's trying to destroy it. That's why your oral hygiene routine should always include a thorough flossing and rinse with mouthwash. If you have difficulty flossing with your braces, you can get a floss threader, which will slide through the arch wire to make things a bit easier. As for mouthwash, we recommend the kind that has fluoride, since it's a magical mineral that restores nutrients to your teeth and gums to keep them strong and healthy.

Get Your Perfect Smile With Tollgate Orthodontics!

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