Another New Year: Time For A New Smile

Another New Year: Time For A New Smile
Posted on 12/14/2017

Make 2018 A Little Brighter

Whether 2017 for you has been fantastic, nothing special, or just not your year, you can get a head start on 2018 by giving yourself a unique and special gift for the holidays: a new, perfect smile. A new smile is the kind of gift you only need to get once, unlike this season’s new fashion or that new smartphone that will have a new model 6 months from now, and it’s a gift that you will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. At Tollgate Orthodontics, we provide the families of Warwick, Jamestown, East Greenwich, RI with professional orthodontic treatment, using state of the art technology to create new, beautiful smiles to patients of all ages. If you want to learn more about how a new smile can get you on the right track for 2018, check out the benefits of orthodontic treatment below!

A Healthier Future Is At Hand

If you don’t already have perfectly aligned teeth, which is extremely rare, you’re in the same boat the millions of people that have minor or serious bite issues. These issues can include things like tooth crowding, overbite, underbite, and much more. Unfortunately, even if you have the absolute best oral hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing, these bite issues increase the likelihood of developing tooth decay or serious jaw issues. For example, much more difficult to clean teeth that are crowded, and if you have something like an overbite, your teeth are not aligning properly which can wear down on the teeth and jaw over time.

By straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign, you are making it easier to clean your teeth, while also helping your teeth and jaw adjust to a more natural, comfortable positioning. This can even improve facial structure in some cases. In the long run, teeth that are easier to clean and are at less risk of damage also reduce your chances of developing more serious dental issues. That means that your new smile for 2018 will be keeping your mouth and your body healthy!

A More Confident You In The Mirror

Self-confidence can be a very tricky thing. Sometimes we’re feeling like a rockstar, and other times we can feel like we don’t amount to much. But the truth is that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves, and a new smile can help with that. When you look into the mirror and you see someone that is radiating happiness back at your with a beautiful smile, then you realize that’s you in mirror, you won’t be able to help be feel great about yourself. When we see our patients get their braces off, we can feel the boost in self-confidence because they’re no longer worrying about how they’re smile looks, they’re just excited to smile and be happy.

Contact Tollgate Orthodontics To Finish The Year Off Right!

If you want to feel healthier and more confident for your 2018, contact us and schedule an appointment with us at Tollgate Orthodontic to learn more about what orthodontic treatment is right for you. We’ll sit down with you and create a personalized treatment plan so you can get your best smile, and show you around our office while you meet Dr. Eves and our orthodontic staff. We have two conveniently located offices in Warwick and Jamestown, so you can find the office that’s closest to home for you for your appointment. We look forward to helping you make your new year brighter!