Are All Braces the Same? 6 Reasons We Love Damon Braces

Are All Braces the Same?
Posted on 06/16/2022
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Are All Braces the Same? 6 Reasons Why We Love Damon Braces.

  • Appearance: Tollgate Orthodontics uses Damon silver and clear brackets because they are smaller, making them less visible and more comfortable than other “Old-school” brackets.
  • Faster Treatment: Patients with Damon braces finish treatment an average of six months faster than those with conventional braces.
  • Fewer Office Visits: With faster treatment comes fewer visits to Dr. Eves, our Rhode Island orthodontist, to have them adjusted.
  • Less Pressure and Pain: Damon braces from Tollgate Orthodontics gradually move your teeth. There is less pressure resulting in less discomfort during treatment.
  • Less Friction: Less friction means less wear and tear on your teeth of your teeth. Your teeth are moved in a more natural manner.
  • Less Plaque and Bacteria Buildup: Damon braces don’t need those little rubber bands around each bracket. The rubber bands on the brackets are outdated technology that can trap food and bacteria against the tooth which can lead to staining or decay.

The best news?  Tollgate Orthodontics does not charge extra for these more advanced technology brackets. So, if you’re looking for faster, more comfortable, easier to clean brackets, give us a call at 401-739-3900 to find out more!