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Brace Bucks

Our goal is to achieve excellent orthodontic results within the treatment time. However, your compliance is necessary to help us achieve this goal. We reward you for doing an excellent job during your treatment with Brace Bucks. Brace Bucks are earned, and can be used to purchase great prizes! The harder you work, the more Brace Bucks you will receive.

Brace Buck$ Rules:

  • You can only receive Brace Bucks at regularly scheduled appointments.
  • The same prizes will not always be available.
  • Brace Bucks are like real money-if you lose them they are gone.
  • The Brace Bucks program ends when your braces come off.
  • If brushing is not GOOD and/or a part of your appliance is loose or broken, a total of only one Brace Buck may be earned at a regular appointment.

Earning Brace Buck$:

You can earn one Brace Buck for each of these categories:

  • Sign-in on time for your regularly scheduled appointment – 1 Buck
  • Earn a GOOD for tooth brushing (GOOD, FAIR, POOR) – 1 Buck
  • Earn a GOOD for wearing elastics as instructed (GOOD, FAIR, POOR) – 1 Buck
  • Nothing loose or broken (example: brace off, wire broken, appliance damaged, etc.) – 1 Buck

Bonus Brace Buck$ are awarded for special accomplishments and activities as listed below:

  • Bringing in your SIGNED General Dentist/Hygienist Check-up Card – 5 Buck$
  • Good grades in school – show us your report card with all A’s and B’s – 5 Buck$
  • Performing community service or charity work. Briefly explain what you did on a piece of paper and bring it to your appointment – 5 Buck$
  • Visibly wearing your Tollgate Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointment.(not in your hand or under another shirt, please!) – 5 Buck$
  • If Dr. Eves or any of our team members see you outside the office with your T-shirt on...like at the mall, movies, beach, getting ice cream, at a concert or game, etc. – 5 Buck$
  • Referring a non-family member to our office. Be sure to have them tell us you referred them. – 10 Buck$

Successful orthodontic treatment requires team work. You’ll have a number of chances to earn Brace Bucks by doing your part. Remember, Brace Bucks can be earned by brushing well, keeping your appointments and arriving on-time, taking good care of your appliances (nothing loose or broken), wearing your elastics and other appliances as instructed, maintaining good grades in school, providing community service or charity work, wearing your Tollgate Orthodontics t-shirt to your visits, showing us your signed General Dentist/Hygienist Check-up Card and referring a non-family member to our office for treatment.

You are probably wondering what to do with all the Brace Bucks you earn. Your Brace Bucks can be traded-in for a number of exciting prizes, such as iTunes cards and sporting goods in the Brace Buck$ case in our reception area.