Halloween "Missing" Tooth Hack!

Add a "Missing Tooth" to Your Halloween Costume
Posted on 10/28/2022
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Usually, we're all about BEAUTIFUL teeth, but it's Halloween season and you may want to try this "missing" tooth hack to compliment your costume! Here's how:

First, you want to brush your teeth and dry the tooth surface off as best you can. Then, apply a non-toxic black gel eyeliner or a waterproof pencil to the front two teeth.

When the fun is over, use a Q-tip dipped in micellar water to clean off your teeth. You can also use a disposable mascara wand covered with olive oil to scrub away the residue.

For some non-toxic eyeliner suggestions, follow a link below:

  • Best liquid: NakedPoppy Liquid Eyeliner
  • Best gel: Burt's Bees Defining Retractable Eyeliner