Remind Me Again?!

Need a Reminder to Change Aligners or Wear Elastics?
Posted on 11/10/2020
Need a reminder to change aligners or wear elastics?Can you remind me again why I need to wear my elastics or change my aligners?? 

While Tollgate Orthodontics will take exceptional care of you while you are in treatment, sometimes part of the success of the outcome will be in your hands. For instance, if you have been instructed to wear elastics to help correct your bite, being diligent about doing so will help your treatment progress more quickly. Your part in the process helps to get to your smile goal faster.

The same is true for aligner wear. Removable clear aligners can't straighten your teeth if you're not wearing them! So the longer and more consistently you wear them as recommended, the faster and better the results will be. 

As with many other tasks in life, there is an App for that! Check out your app store for these two helpful apps.
Smile-tastic! will help you if you are an elastic wearer and Tray Minder Aligner Tracker will be your personal assistant if you wear aligners. These apps and other like them allow you to set reminders, track your daily wear and take selfies to see your Tollgate Orthodontics smile transform!

Any questions about your elastics or aligners? Give us a call at 401-739-3900 where we'll be happy to help.